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King of the Yees:

"The other three actors seem to have a blast as they role-juggle. Jacob Yeh is particularly hilarious as a swaggering gangster named Shrimp Boy, and Sylvia Kwan ably channels oddballs such as a surly liquor store owner."

"The supporting cast is especially strong. Sylvia Kwan and Jacob Yeh as Actors 1 and 2 take on multiple roles—even a lion dance. Their scenes are fast-paced and hilarious. "


"Nguyen is known for his strong female characters, and Tong is no exception. Kwan, who also shined in Water by the Spoonful at the Mark Taper Forum, gives Tong an edge that provides plenty of laughs without resorting to mugging."

"Kwan IS the self-described bitch Tong. Not your stereotypical Vietnamese girl in any way, Kwan's Tong makes for a great lust interest for Yen's Quang. These two have hot (and romantic) chemistry."

"Sylvia Kwan nails Tong’s pugnacious pluck and barreling bitchery..."

4,000 Miles:

“But the real scene-stealing supporting performance comes from Sylvia Kwan as Amanda, a young woman Leo brings home after a night on the town. Her manic portrayal of a party girl with big ambitions is hilarious, but it also highlights how directionless Leo has become.”

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow:

"...the sizzling Sylvia Kwan..."

"...with an impressive breakout performance by Sylvia Kwan as Jenny, this B Street Theatre production is a fun-filled, thought-provoking wild ride of a trip..."

Peter and the Starcatcher:

"...Sylvia Kwan plays Molly, the aspiring starcatcher, with a charming precociousness..."

" Athletically played by Sylvia Kwan, she makes the decisions and takes the actions that save the day."

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England:

"...and Sylvia Kwan shines as Andromeda, bursting with wacky, youthful exuberance yet still maintaining a believable emotional core and a kind of “out of the mouths of babes” prescience."

The Two Gentlemen of Verona:

"As Silvia, Sylvia Kwan is radiantly regal. But beware of her character's eventual temper, which Kwan fervently unleashes on Smith's Proteus, a comeuppance that resulted in shouts of acclamation from the hillside full of viewers."

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